Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25

Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25VS-0,25 approved portable dust extraction unit

Flexible and modular portable dust extractor that solves most common demands regarding dust. Accessories can be attached to improve individual applications. Can be combined to work as a mobile unit or as a fixed mounted unit. For extra efficient filter cleaning the Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25 can be equipped with compressed air cleaning. Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25 is designed especially for metalurgical or chemical industry. All features apply to the standard model.

Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25 Monitor

Automatic filter cleaning process handled by a control box at a pre-set value.

Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25 Standard

Semi-automatic filter cleaning process manually initiated on the control box. Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25 Basic Manually filter cleaning by a hand crank Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25. The fume and dust extractor is VS-0,25approved The today's product range has now been extended with a Mobile Dust Extraction VS-0,25


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