Desktop spark optical emission spectrometers


For over 30 years ARUN Technology has been serving metal markets. We were pioneers in CCD technology and want to bring optical emission spectroscopy to the next level. ARUN Technology was the first company to introduce the innovative, digital charge-coupled devices as detectors in optical emission spectrometers.


30 Years serving the metal markets;
2478 satisfied customers;
63 Countries present all over the world;
54 Million analyses performed each year. 

ARUN Technology is at the forefront in advanced metals analysis. As pioneers of CCD spectrometers we have introduced optical emission spectroscopy to applications in all sizes and types of metal producing and processing industries.

ARUN's metals analysers provide lightning fast results, performing a full-blown elemental analysis of your metal sample within seconds.

All business processes at ARUN are ISO certified. We commit to quality in all levels of our company. We strive for compliance to our policies throughout the supply chain and stretching into our distribution and service networks.


ARUN technology entertains a global sales and service network. We need to ensure that our customers enjoy highly reliable, instruments in mission critical process control applications, as well as for sustainable quality control or inspection applications. Our trained service engineers based in more than 23 countries continue to participate in ongoing education programmes, in England and online. Customer training is available to ensure that operators know best-practices and make optimal use of their instrument.

The ARUN Technology is the experts in metals analysis. Since launching the world's first portable CCD based metals analyser in the 1980's, ARUN Technology has led the field in the fast-growing market for portable and desktop metals analysis spectrometers.

In the 1990's, the MetalScan 1625 and MetalScan 1650 portable CCD analysers established themselves as the industry standard for ‘arc in air' grade identification, or Positive Material Identification (PMI).

The MetalScan 2000 desktop unit with high precision spark source was introduced in the early 1990's and rapidly gain acceptance in foundries, die-casters and metal finishers. This was followed by the MetalScan M2500 desktop unit in 1999.

Since 2006, under the control of MetalScan Limited and a management buyout team, the new PolySpek Junior model as well as the ASSort and ASCert series of portables and mobiles have been introduced.

ARUN Technology is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of optical emission spectrometers for metals analysis. Sustained and extensive investment in research and development continues to ensure that ARUN Technology products remain at the forefront of metals analysis. Close links with industry, development centres and trade groups are used to keep applications of the technology relevant and up to date.

Today, ARUN Technology and its worldwide network of channel partners offer a full range of stationary desktop spectrometers for metals analysis based on CCD technology. These include the PolySpek Neo, the PolySpek Junior and the newly introduced ARTUS 8. 


 PolySpek Junior  - optical emission analyzer of metals and alloys PolySpek NEO - multi-CCD, multi-optic desktop spectrometer from ARUN Technology ARTUS 8 -  high-performance desktop CCD spectrometer


A legend is born

The all new ARTUS 8 is the latest addition to ARUNs portfolio of metal analysers. It completes the offering to higher end applications. Its primary field of applications are in foundries, metal producing and metal processing industries. Do not miss out! New campaign from RETSCH GmbH called "The Future is Now - New Dimensions in Sample Preparation and Particle Analysis". CEM brings a remarkable intelligence and ease of use to microwave sample preparation with the new MARS 6 System!

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