Protein Analysis

SprintRevolutionary iTAG technology for the rapid, safe and direct determination of protein

Bioscience meets food science with CEM's new SprintTM Rapid Protein Analyzer for fast, accurate protein testing. This unique patent-pending system, which uses iTAG protein-tagging technology, identifies and measures only protein, not nitrogen, so you can be certain your results are not affected by fillers or contaminants.

Product Advantages

  • Measures protein & only protein

  • Ensure the protein content of imported ingredients

  • Fast analysis of all types of food

  • No hazardous chemicals

  • Safer than Kjeldahl with better results

  • Method approved by AOAC and AACC

Sprint comes pre-programmed with a broad selection of methods ready for use in your laboratory. With its truly innovative software, loading a method and analyzing samples on your Sprint is no more complicated than finding a friend's number on your cell phone.
Ideal for protein analysis in food
  • Dairy
    Protein in Milk, Fluid Milk, Buttermilk, Half and Half, Chocolate Drink, Non-fat Dry Milk, Ice Cream
  • Grains
    Cereal grains, oilseeds, legumes, forages, animal products, dairy products, and formulated feeds or foods

  • Meat
    Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Hot Dog, Pepperoni, Hard Salami, Summer Sausage, Ham
Sprint complies with these Official Methods; AOAC Method 967.12, AOAC Method 930.33, AOAC Method 930.29 and AACC Method 46-14B.


A legend is born

The all new ARTUS 8 is the latest addition to ARUNs portfolio of metal analysers. It completes the offering to higher end applications. Its primary field of applications are in foundries, metal producing and metal processing industries. Do not miss out! New campaign from RETSCH GmbH called "The Future is Now - New Dimensions in Sample Preparation and Particle Analysis". CEM brings a remarkable intelligence and ease of use to microwave sample preparation with the new MARS 6 System!

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